You need mouth wash.  Mom and Pop Tattoo and Piercing Inc. recommends alcohol free mouth wash (we use Biotine, which can be found at any pharmacy).

Rinse with mouth wash for 30 seconds every time anything comes in contact with the inside of your mouth.

It is extremely important to rinse for a minimum of 30 seconds, read the back of the bottle of your chosen mouth wash to find the recommended contact time.

The mouth is a warm, wet area where bacteria can easily spread.  Keep your mouth wash with you at all times, and use it religiously.

Swelling will generally be at it’s worst 3 days after piercing.  After day 5 swelling should be decreasing, not increasing.  If 5 or more days have passed and swelling persists please contact Mom and Pop Tattoo and Piercing Inc..

Most oral piercings will heal fast (average of 30 days).

If you have a lip, monroe, or any other oral / surface facial piercing you should also read the General Piercing Aftercare to maintain the skin surface side of your piercing.

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